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Companies in Sofia

Tech Hobbies, GP
2.2 26 Aug 2023

We strive to provide top notch customer service so if anything is not up to standard please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as we can!

0.0 18 Nov 2022

Transactions with objects of intellectual and industrial property, representation, agency and mediation of bulgarian and foreign natural and legal persons; trade, import, export of goods, research and consultancy activity, development, design and integration of computer software technologies,...

0.0 11 May 2015

Transport s avtovozi Evropa-Evropa Evropa-Azia

0.0 18 Apr 2017

We can provide high quality customer services in Bulgaria, services related to the energy efficiency field, legal services and business advising.

0.0 6 Feb 2022

Trading. Since our founding day in 2019, we’re providing an excellent service to our customers dealing with deliveries to Turkey, Egypt, South-East Asia, Asia, Far-East, Middle East as well as North and South America.

Creaton Group, LLC
0.0 5 Dec 2017

Main activity: organizing of events and multilevel advertising campaign from A to Z.

0.0 25 Jan

Purchase of non ferrous metals from copper wires, aluminium bales, chrome nickel

Heritage Complex Markts, JSC
0.0 9 Feb 2023

Once your payment is made and confirmed. We will issue you a tracking code to monitor your shipment online before it arrives in Israel. Kindly share us your WhatsApp, or Telegram so we can discuss further.

Intermachinex Ltd., LLC
0.0 9 Jul 2019

Dear Sirs, We are in a position to offer the following new Bulgarian machines: 1) Universal lathes - swing over bed up to 1400 mm and distances between centers up to 10000 mm. 2) Oil-country lathes - spindle bore up to 360 mm (14"), swing over bed up to 1030 mm and distances between centers...

0.0 12 Oct 2022

Selling electric and hydraulic winches transport road assistance and logistics. Reselling of wooden pellets

0.0 10 Nov 2022

TWK group Ltd. is a consulting and affiliation agency, providing strategic consulting services in the areas of private business sector worldwide. The company focus on providing tailor made call centers and IT services.

VL trade, LLC
0.0 23 Apr 2022

French trading company with more than 25 years of experience in the food products industry. We have access to large structures so we need constant volume and quality.

Helion Market Research, LLC
-1.0 15 May 2019

Helion Research is an innovative global market research company, specialised in mystery shopping. Together with our panel of mystery shoppers from all over the world, we strive to provide qualitative research for prominent organisations of various market industries. Therefore, we are always...

0.0 13 Jan 2004

Import of Ukrainian raw materials for Bulgarian metallurgy

Artisstroy, LLC
0.0 12 May 2019

Недвижимость продажа, аренда от инвеститор в Софии и на море

BG Хлапета - игри навън, SP
0.0 2 Jul new

"Продуктите, които могат да се видят/вземат ня място са от следните категории: -акумулаторни коли; -велосипеди -колела за баланс -детски триколки -тротинетки -ролери и кънки -коли за яздене -картинги -аксесоари и др. Можете да вземете и направени поръчки от този адрес след потвърждаване от наш...

Bolkan Eco Trader, LLC
0.0 27 Nov 2011

Оптовая продажа, Дистрибьютор, торговый представитель.

Caliente, SMLLC
0.0 27 Mar 2019

Бесплатное трудоустройство в Болгарии. Прямые вакансии от работодателей.

0.0 1 Jun 2016

Консалтинг, маркенинг со странами СНГ и стран Евросоюза. Перевозка специальных грузов и механизмов авиатранспортом.

Cigarettemachinerypro, LLC
0.0 28 Feb 2017

Станки для производства сигарет Так же можем поставить все компонеты для производства сигарет(табак , сигаретную бумагу , strps , полиграфия и тд)

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