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Job from 22 February 2022

Cleaner in Sofia

full time
Pysatkova Alina, recruiterFlagma member since 22 February 2022
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Job description

Salary: 3000 EUR / month 10 (euros/hour). Salary depends on the number of working hours. The number of working hours is unlimited - it can be 150-300 hours.
Working days: 6 – 7 days / week (can ask for 1 stable day off)
What do we mean under “working hours” : cleaning, travel time, business cards delivery.
- Cleaning: apartments, houses, offices, restaurants, other locations, even on the street;
- Travel time: track through Google Maps, travel by bike, on foot or by transport (depending on weather conditions and distance);
Accommodation - you can find by yourself or live with our employees in a 3-4 room apartments for 2 people in one room, price - 500-600 euros / month from the salary.
Bicycle – for free, public transport – compensated
We are interested in long-term cooperation with every employee.

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